Spray Texture

Transform Your Concrete: Say Goodbye to Bland and Hello to Beauty! With KoolCote Knockdown Spray Texture, we turn plain concrete into a stunning decorative element. Our textured surfaces not only enhance aesthetics but also provide a more comfortable walking experience. Choose from a plethora of colors to customize your space. Concrete resurfacing by KoolCote is the solution for treating cracks, spalling, deteriorating, or worn-out surfaces, including driveways, patios, walkways, and pool decks. Say goodbye to costly concrete replacements. Opt for KoolCote and revitalize your outdoor spaces with ease!


We all know that inevitably, concrete cracks. Our custom scoreline system incorporates existing cracks into a custom hand-scored pattern. This helps disguise the cracks by relocating them to the bottom of the score instead of the top of the deck. Ask your rep for details.

Epoxy Chip

Our epoxy chip system is expertly designed to deliver a decorative finish tailored for industrial spaces such as garage floors and warehouses. We exclusively use industrial-grade materials to ensure top-notch quality. Rest assured, all of our epoxy chips are applied to 100% refusal. We don’t waste time with sporadic or DIY systems from home improvement stores.


KoolStone seamlessly blends modern technology with European craftsmanship to create stunning concrete overlays with the look and feel of authentic quarried stone. Each project undergoes meticulous hand application, ensuring a unique masterpiece tailored to your preferences. Please only consider this system if you are receptive to embracing a wide variation or have an open-minded approach.

Stamped Overlay

KoolCote’s stamped overlay system offers endless possibilities, providing a durable 1/8″–1/4″ overlay to enhance tired, worn, damaged, or new concrete surfaces. Choose from a subtle or more pronounced  overlay.


KoolCote’s wood plank overlay system mimics real wood from the wood grain down to the staggered pattern. Enjoy easy maintenance and durability without the risk of rotting associated with traditional wood decking.

Stains & Dyes

The process of transforming concrete floors into stunning stained concrete entails the application of various materials. Typically, water-based, acetone, or even acid stains are applied after the concrete has cured. Your KoolCote representative will guide you through the process, offer recommendations based on the existing concrete you have, and determine if you are a candidate for stain.

Garage & Driveway System

Our Garage & Driveway System is specifically designed to address hot tire pick up, while the aggregate effect also aids in concealing tire marks.